Welcome to the PATH (Parents Advocating Teaching at Home, inc.) website. We serve the greater Hickory NC area. All homeschoolers are welcome.

PATH was founded in 1985, and is the longest running  homeschool group in the area.

bigstock-real-estate-and-family-home-co-60186329Founded with a vision of embracing all homeschooling families, PATH welcomes diversity. PATH’s primary mission is to continue to serve the homeschooling community by providing all homeschooling families with opportunities to network in Catawba County and the surrounding area.

 PATH is an inclusive community of homeschooling families providing support and resources for people who have chosen to educate their families at home. Members have varied backgrounds, as well as varied political and religious beliefs. In PATH we celebrate our differences and treat each other with respect and kindness being sensitive to the diversity that is within the group, focusing on what we all have in common, homeschooling our children and a desire to do the best for our families.  PATH advocates individual choice and freedom in education, serving those families who choose to homeschool by networking through activities, events, newsletters and yahoo groups.

All members are encouraged to organize and/or participate in PATH activities that best meet their needs

We invite you to attend PATH events at any time and visit with the families there. The more support you get, the easier it will be for you and your children.  If you wish to attend an event or activity prior to joining PATH please e mail path@pathhomeschool.com and ask what activities are planned for this month, we would love to meet you and your family.

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